Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Blonde on the Tracks"?: Fans Give Grasty's New Novel an Unexpected Twist

It seems Blood is beginning to seep across the Web.

Obviously, Tom Grasty is a fan of Bob Dylan. Now, it seems, others are using Grasty's new novel, Blood on the Tracks, to demonstrate their devotion to Dylan as well.

About a week ago, members of an online B
ob Dylan community called 'The Never Ending Pool' began collaborating on their own homage to the elusive rock star. Using Blood on the Tracks as inspiration, and characters from Dylan's 1966 classic album, "Blonde on Blonde," as context, they started writing some fiction of their own.

Not sure if they've agreed on a title yet, but what they have so far is 'dripping' with some killer Dylan references. Check out the first 'chapter' here.


4th Time Around said...

Nice one, Tom!

Your suggested title, 'Blonde on the Tracks', could take things in a whole new direction! LOL

Anonymous said...

you might hear the howl of a distant tricker...

or treat her

duck soup for three


Makelelejuas said...

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Bueno, te invito a que pases por mi blog... hay de eso y mucho más.

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Un saludo!